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DateJob Description Time from when the job was posted to when the first service provider responded.First Contact
2019-08-17 11:46 One of the palisades pieces has been knocked out of the pedestrian gate at the entrance to the complex and needs to be mended today if possible. Waiting...
2019-08-12 15:15 Hanging an interior door 1 Day
2019-08-10 10:23 1x Door lock to be fixed 3x window handles to be tightened 1x light switch to be checked 31 Minutes
2019-08-05 15:05 Fitting of 3 new lightfittings in old gittings pleace 17 Hours
2019-05-30 17:39 Simple job - aluminium sliding door at a small townhouse doesn't work. We can have a look together. While you there, we can check the stove-plate also as I think 1 needs to just be replaced. 20 Hours
2019-04-10 12:08 I have a wooden toolshed that requires maintenance. The outside has been damaged by weather and needs sanding and varnishing. The floor has been eaten by rats in places (not severely) and needs repair. The hut has been sitting in water after severe rain storms so the bottom of the hut is slightly warped. After repair I would like to move the hut approximately 75 feet forward. Please could you give me a quote for repair. I have photos if required Thanking you Sharon Hampton 15 Minutes
2019-04-09 19:51 Removal and reinstallation of curtain rails, blinds, pictures and bookshelf. Polyfilla and repaint on removal. And painting of 1 wall. Assisting with installation of washing machine and dishwasher. Urgent for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Moving two floors down so all removals and reinstallations in same complex. 2 Hours
2019-04-08 17:41 Expanded mesh pieces to be welded onto our gate for extra security. Pedestrian gate to be welded shut. Then gate to be painted white 5 Hours
2019-04-08 15:49 Kindly quote of light repairs (electric connection) 11 Hours